Saturday, August 2, 2008

Importance of The Philippine Constitution

The Philippine Constitution is important because it protects our rights.It enables us to have justice and live a beautiful life.

It helps us to know our limitations and the right things we should do in order for us to become a good citizen.


I learned about bill of rights on how to protect the rights of human concerning about life, properties, as well as liberty Therefore, i understood that we have a freedom of speech we should have to abide what was written in every article that we had in the bill of rights to avoid any violences on it


We will know how to protect ourselves from enemies. And we can avoid abuses...


You will know how to protect against the violations of the government...


I've learned about bill of rights:

the first is about the search warrant and the warrant of arrest. Actually, I didn't know about this things and the importance of bill of rights. Until Prof. Farrah Guzman discussed regarding this topic, I've learned everything. From the due process of law up to the rights of the accused and the right to protect ourselves and to our properties as well.


In these lesson, I learned about the different role and regulations of our government and also people against by the government like freedom to express of what he feel, the economic rights rights and the accused. It protects us from the abusers..


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